About Us
Our Team

Lateral Sands' engineering team has extensive digital hardware design and verification experience. Our team has a comprehensive knowledge of ASIC/SOC/FPGA RTL design, and also extensive experience in the latest verification methodologies and languages.

If you have a complex problem, we have the engineers with the experience and skills to independently solve it.

These technical skills are complimented by a cross-functional management team with extensive industry experience.

Board Members

Tony Costa, Chief Executive Officer
Tony has more than 20 years engineering and management experience. Tony directs the Lateral Sands Board and oversees the project management and commercial operations of Lateral Sands. During his technical career, Tony has proven his project management and leadership skills, successfully leading large R&D projects. Tony has been with Lateral Sands since 2001 and was appointed CEO in 2006. Please contact Tony if you have questions regarding contractual, financial, strategic matters or our approach to managing projects at Lateral Sands.


Stephen Lewis, Director
A co-founder of Lateral Sands, Stephen has extensive experience in ASIC and FPGA development from initial concept through to product completion. He has over 20 years experience in the development of Ethernet, ATM, SONET, wireless, and voice communication products. Stephen has led multi-disciplinary teams across a variety of projects incorporating design, verification, modeling, and embedded systems. Please contact Stephen if you have questions regarding our Engineering processes and tools.


Nigel Clark, Director
A co-founder of Lateral Sands, Nigel has worked on numerous large complex ASIC/SOC developments where he has performed in design and verification roles. He has also been involved in multiple FPGA designs and has been involved in entire product life cycles, from design through silicon bringup and on to customer rollout. Nigel has extensive expertise in communication's protocols, including Ethernet, ATM, SONET and 802.11.  Please contact Nigel if you have questions regarding our Design & Verification processes.