About Us
Our Team

Our History

Lateral Sands was founded in 1999 by a group of highly experienced professionals in hardware, software and technology management. Since this time, Lateral Sands has established an excellent reputation for delivering SOC/ASIC/FPGA design and verification services to companies based predominantly in Silicon Valley. 

Lateral Sands is an Australian company with its main office in Perth, Western Australia. 

Our Commitment to Partnership

Lateral Sands very much considers itself a partner for your project, working with dedication and focus to ensure its success.  Lateral Sands will offer you:

  • Engineers with proven experience and ability to deliver
  • Communication that is efficient, proactive and honest to bring a sense of true partnership to the project
  • Complete security over your IP 
  • A project team that can travel to work on-site in your offices when key project needs dictate

At Lateral Sands our aim is clear, to form a strong partnership with our clients in an efficient and open manner to deliver high quality and timely engineering services.

Our Approach

Lateral Sands always offers high quality and reliable engineering services that are flexible and affordable.  We satisfy your specific needs in a way that will seamlessly integrate with your internal work practices and systems. Whether you require a complete turn-key solution, or assistance at a specific stage of the design cycle, Lateral Sands can help.

To ensure the success of your project, we utilize the latest tools and techniques together with a formal design methodology and rigorous engineering processes.

We can also manage the project for you.  A Lateral Sands Project Manager or Technical Lead (as Project size or client requirements dictates) is appointed at the start of the engagement to oversee all aspects of your design.  Any technical, logistical and financial risks are identified early so that we can monitor and mitigate them.

We also understand your concerns about IP protection, so we have devoted significant effort to the development of procedures and processes that protect your IP.

Our Name

Lateral Sands is often asked the question “Why did you choose the name Lateral Sands?”

In a nutshell, the company name is a metaphor symbolic of Lateral Sand’s ability to:

…think “laterally” to come up with the tailored solutions that our clients’ most often need…

…whilst we race against the “Sands” of time that pressurize any project.  “Sands” also links neatly to the silicon used in the manufacture of silicon chips.